Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Baby Chronicles

For the last couple of years (okay for the last few years), Babs and I have been working on a newsletter about children's first year of life. We have a free sample of the newsletter that focuses on the first week of development. Future installments will be 8 pages long and available for a small fee. We'll focus on language, social interaction, brain and cognitive development, motor skills, vision and hearing month by month. We'll let you know as we start to post them to the site. Read the sample and let us know what you think.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking and talking go hand and mouth together

June 15
Did you ever wonder if babies’ crawling and their babbling had anything to do with each other? Crawling is one arm and foot forward and then the other one, pretty nice organized rhythm. Babbling is opening and closing the mouth and turning on the voice box, another pretty nice organized rhythm. Both of them come from brain planning. Since they start at about the same time and both need for the baby to do movements that are organized, it seems logical that they might be linked up in babies’ brain. Turns out that babies who can crawl make more advanced kinds of sounds than babies who don’t crawl yet. And, they like to link up with people around them to use those babbling sounds. So, it looks like moving and talking go together. So watch that baby of yours when she is moving and see what you think about whether you get more babbling.