Thursday, July 2, 2009

So you may be wondering what vision, hearing, and crawling have to do with language? Turns out that these are the ways your baby gets information about the world and about you that gives her something to talk about when she gets ready to use words. If you have language, you have to use it to talk about things you know about. So what your baby sees and hears in her first year matters a LOT for making language development happen. What she does when she learns to roll over and crawl, walk and move things around with her hands helps her to figure out what the world is like and how things work. Watching and listening to other people talk gives her the information she needs to start learning sounds and words to use herself. So, even though vision, and hearing and crawling seem far away from language, they are really completely necessary to get it started. The experiences that you give your baby in her first year that use her senses and her growing ability to move and explore are her "work tools" for learning to talk!

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